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Althea Knight

Althea Knight was born in London, England to Jamaican parents. She and her family emigrated to Canada when she was eight years old. She is an artist, activist, educator, traveler, and experiential f... acilitator whose work deals with spirituality, identity, nature, community, personal well-being, and social justice. Her practice includes multi-disciplinary expression and fostering community members to explore and develop their own creative impulses through art, music, nature, walking, mindfulness, and wellness. These are the ways in which she helps herself and others heal, while also giving voice to those who feel often unheard or unseen in one way or another.

She holds a Bachelor of Education from Concordia University, is a certified WRAP® Facilitator, Mindfulness Without Borders Facilitator, and holds a Nature Ambassador designation from the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority, all of which inform her practice. Althea has over 20 years of experience developing and facilitating educational and experiential workshops promoting self-care, personal growth, creative expression, and mental health and wellness for children, youth, and adults of diverse demographics. She is committed to helping others find what helps them feel better in ways that work for them. Her experience in the curative power of art and play led to the birth of “The Creative Art of Being,” a program that she founded in 2007, where she is also the lead facilitator.

Althea has participated in group and solo exhibitions as a visual and performance artist and has shown her piece ``Art for the Soul`` in private collections locally and abroad. She is currently focused on working with clay and becoming a skilled ceramicist. However, with no access to ceramic studios due to COVID lockdowns, Althea is using her love of photography and playlist-making to fuel her creative impulses. She is taking the time to curate and make accessible the many photos, short videos, pastel, and print work that she created over the years and compiled during her travels.

Althea Knight’s “Umbrella Love” was shot in the hills of Port Antonio, Jamaica, in 2008.

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